About Us

Our mission is to reconstruct relationships, culture, and places to create resilient communities that are currently disproportionately impacted by the criminal legal system. We imagine and work to build a world beyond policing and incarceration, and we work to meet people’s immediate needs along the way by providing support and eliminating barriers to direct aid.

Talia LaSane
Research & Evaluation

Criminologist and data analyst, focusing on Black geographies, gun violence, political violence, and criminal courts all examined through a critical lense.
Sami Atif

Mathematician and an equity consultant, my work consists of leveraging narrative - especially of the historically marginalized - and data.

Muhammad Abdul-Hadi
Board Member

Entrepreneur, experienced general contractor, start-up innovator, and restaurant owner.
Heather Leach
Farm & Food Education

Ethnobotanist, educator, and agriculturalist advancing food sovereignty at the community level.
Celeste Winston
Research & Evaluation

Abolitionist geographer, driven by her love and accountability for Black people and Black communities. She centers everyday Black life and placemaking practices as models for liberation.
Ajima Olaghere

Social entrepreneur and imaginary working to ensure people are at the center of everything.
Makayla Myers
Board Member

Makayla is a passionate Research & Evaluation public health professional and social entrepreneur. She simultaneously works as a political strategist in the Keystone State, involving high-profile City and State campaigns. Makayla has a gift connecting with youth. While currently residing in Philadelphia, PA, she travels to accommodate the needs of programs/initiatives.
Devin Uqdah
Board Member

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